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Get ready to embark on a journey that will revolutionize your business. Our comprehensive training programs are meticulously crafted to empower you and your team with practical insights, actionable strategies, and the skills needed to conquer today's competitive business landscape. From communication mastery to effective leadership, financial management to sales expertise, our courses cover a wide range of topics crucial for your business growth.

But we don't just stop at theory. We believe in delivering tangible results that make a real difference. Our highly practical training sessions allow you to put your newfound knowledge into immediate action, ensuring that every moment spent with us is maximized for your success. In the fast-paced world of business, time is of the essence, and our focused, efficient, and results-oriented approach ensures that you achieve extraordinary outcomes without wasting a second.

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Our courses

At OSM Partner Malta, we offer a wide range of courses designed to empower you and your team with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the business world. Each course is carefully crafted to provide you with practical insights and actionable strategies that you can apply immediately. Whether you're looking to enhance your communication skills, master the principles of effective leadership, optimize your financial management, or become a successful salesperson, our courses have got you covered.

Now, let's explore some of our featured courses:

Communicate as a Leader

Enhance your communication skills through the study of the basics of communication and practical exercises. Overcome your own difficulties, learn to communicate effectively, understand, face, and motivate others. Gain their trust and agreement.

Principles of Command

Master the vital aspects of communication: the ability to ask and, above all, to obtain. Increase your determination, assertiveness, leadership, and ability to get your orders executed.

Financial Management

Discover successful actions entrepreneurs can take to manage their company's finances without surprises and with a single goal: to make good profits. Understand the principles and rules that lead to prosperity and learn how to apply them in your own business.


Learn the basics of sales. Gain in-depth theoretical knowledge, engage in practical exercises and simulations, and become a capable and effective seller who achieves outstanding results.

Mind Business School

Unlock the secret of success. The "Mind Business School" is the first school for entrepreneurs where training is measured in tangible business results.

The Mind Business School is a school for entrepreneurs that offers a unique and engaging experience where you can transform yourself into a true entrepreneurial superhero.

You will receive personalized training with regular briefings from Open Source experts on the latest trends in the market, personalized assistance for the challenges you encounter in your company, and supervised training by Paolo A. Ruggeri, one of the top trainers in the industry.

Here, you will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills to successfully manage your company and achieve previously unimaginable goals.

You will learn how to tackle business challenges, develop your leadership, create a winning team, increase your profits, automate your business, and approach the market with new marketing tools.

Moreover, thanks to a stimulating learning environment, you will have the opportunity to interact with other entrepreneurs, share ideas and strategies, and develop new innovative projects with the goal of achieving increasingly satisfying business results.

The Mind Business School will help you acquire the superpowers of the modern entrepreneur and transform your company into a true success!